A Prayer prompted by God’s Word.

‘Let the loveliness of our lord, our God, rest on us, confirming the work that we do. Oh yes. Affirm the work that we do.’ Psalm 90 verses 17-18 (The Message)

Loving Father, may your Spirit rest on me today. I bring you my heart, my plans, the lessons I’ve learned, the knowledge I’ve gained and the uncertainties I feel. Father I pray for your anointing – a fresh covering of your enabling Grace, that outrageous Grace that only comes from you.

Father, guide my steps today, guard my mouth, censor my thoughts… that all I do will be in line with your will.  Make me sensitive to your directions and capable of dealing with all the challenges I’ll face today.

Father, be with each of my family today. Be present with them and help them today. Nudge and prompt them by your Spirit so that each one, in their own circumstances, will be aware that you are with them. May this day be significant for them, as your quiet influence directs their steps.  Lord, I pray especially that each one would be spiritually awakened to your presence with them.

For the wider issues Lord, I ask for your blessing on all those in positions of power and influence…especially those in our own country…that they would submit to your sovereignty and seek your will in relation to the way forward. Nevertheless Lord, rule in our land by your Spirit. May there be a revival of true faith in many lives. Begin with your people Lord…begin in me. Make me willing to submit to you in all I do. May my family and friends see ‘the loveliness of my Lord, my God, in me.’

Father, as I commit this day into your hands, I thank you that you are always present and that you are a God of the day-to-day practical things that concern your children. Widen my vision of you Lord!

In the precious name of Jesus I pray,


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