I have always loved to write.  I use writing as a way to process my thoughts and emotions. As I do so, very often the words seem to appear on the page without much ‘effort’ on my part. I have, from my early childhood, always enjoyed writing. I will be thinking about something, trying to ‘find the right words’, then pick up a pen and piece of paper (or my laptop nowadays), and the words appear. I’ve always been able to express myself more clearly using the written, rather than spoken, word. (Although I can talk too!! Ask anyone who knows me!)  🙂

In 2001 a number of major events occurred in my life:- in March my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly; in August my husband and I separated, after a 24 year marriage; in October my father was seriously ill in hospital for 4 weeks; in January 2002 my brother’s wife of 18 months, died suddenly at the age of 30.

My life had changed for ever. There was no way back to the ‘normal’ I had known.  My faith was tested in ways I had never imagined possible and the bottom literally fell out of my world. Intertwined amongst these events I had to deal with four teenagers, who had also been traumatised by the aforementioned events; adjust to being a single parent; and cope with a demanding full time job.  The next three  years became a legal, emotional and financial battle ground, leading to divorce in 2004.   Those few years seemed to last forever and I existed by limping from crisis to crisis…or so it seemed at the time.

As anyone who has been through similar experiences will know, it is very difficult to deal with losing the people you love most.  As a way of processing my thoughts I started to write a journal and I found this to be a very therapeutic way of dealing with the pain; the confusion; the doubts; the stress; the emptiness; and the deep void in my life that resulted from all the loss I had experienced.  It was never my intention to share my journal. However, when I was asked to share what God had done in my life, at a special service in my church, I based my talk on some of my journal records.  As I read what I had recorded, I could see and feel the impact my words were having on the people listening. I felt a real connection between them, God’s Spirit and me. I realised that by sharing what God had shown me through my difficulties, others could also be helped.  Since then I have been encouraged by friends and family to use my writing to share the lessons I’ve learned. This culminated with my daughter, Marianne, suggesting that I start a Blog…she helped me get started and ‘Airing Wisdom’ was born!

The aim of ‘Airing Wisdom’ is to encourage you, whatever circumstances life throws at you, to see that life is good; it is worth living well; that good comes out of every situation; ultimately life improves; and, with God’s help, we emerge from our struggles as stronger versions of ourselves.

Thanks for visiting my blog…please stay and browse, leave comments, ask questions, share your own experiences…I’d love to hear from you!






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    • phyllissloan says:

      Hi Kelly
      I’m so pleased you are enjoying my blog. Thank you so much for your encouragement – its always nice to hear from the people who read my blog and to know you get something from it 🙂 x


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