A Prayer of thanks

Lord, I praise you today and thank you for all your many blessings!  Thank you for this beautiful day; the sunshine; the blue sky; the pleasant heat mixed with the gentle cooler breeze. There is much beauty around in the gardens, the fields, the animals and in the joy of pets!

Thank you for health to enjoy it all. For the senses to experience the sights and sounds, tastes, smells and textures around me everyday… but especially today.

Thank you for a sound mind; the ability to communicate; to think; to question; to reason and to explain.

Thank you for the opportunity to love:- those closest to me … family…friends…wider family circle…wider circle of friends…pets…

Love and compassion are hallmarks of Your divine nature and so I pray that You would increase my capacity to love others – especially those You have placed in my life to be loved by me. May my life and witness always speak to them of Your influence on me. May others see Your divine love reflected in my life. Keep me close to You Lord, for You are the source of love and of life itself.

Father, forgive my many failures, my deliberate sins and the inherent sins that spoil my witness for You. I know my sin is forgiven and Jesus has paid the penalty of death on my behalf. I know that, on this side of eternity, it is impossible to be totally free from sin. But Lord I pray that anyone who is put off following You because of my wrong actions, would be shown others or be drawn to You in other ways. Help me always to strive to live in communion with You,  putting You first, allowing You to lead, guide and direct my life according to Your will and purposes.

In Jesus name and for His sake I pray,


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