Wisdom of God and the harvest of righteousness

James 3:17-18

God’s wisdom is:
Pure – undefiled
Courteous – considerate and gentle
Willing to yield to reason
Full of compassion
Full of good fruits
Unfeigned – free from doubts, wavering and insincerity.

This is what I want: this is how I want to live. I dedicate my life to my God and Saviour and seek His wisdom. I live by His power within me through His grace – the undeserved favour of God – and I commit my future to Him.
I ‘see’ the joy of heaven set before me. I can’t imagine what that will be like but I am sure it will be beyond my wildest dreams: to be in His presence without sin and continuing my work for Him in perpetual and perfect worship!

The harvest of righteousness: i.e. conformity to God’s will in thought and deed – belongs to those who sow seeds of peace, who work for peace. It is the fruit of the seed sown in peace.

This ‘peace’ means:
* Concord, agreement and harmony between individuals.
* An undisturbed mind
* A peaceful mind free from
– fears
– agitating passions
– moral conflicts

God give me the grace to live my life like this! Enable me to know your righteousness – to be conformed to your will in what I think and what I do. That your peace would be obvious in my life and that others would be touched by your spirit to desire the peace of God that is beyond our understanding.
Thank you Lord for blessing me by opening my eyes to your truth. Use me father to fulfil your will for my life.

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