Hi, thanks for visiting ‘Airing Wisdom’. I hope you’ll stay awhile, browse the different categories and read some of my posts. If you like what you read here, please sign up for my free email alerts and leave your comments. I’d love to hear what you think!

I started this blog to share how my personal relationship with Jesus Christ has helped me through the major difficulties in my life. I am a very ordinary Christian. I do not pretend that I have all the answers, nor do I see myself as wiser than other Christians. I do see myself however, as someone with stories to tell…stories that reflect real life and that will undoubtedly be shared by many. I enjoy writing and my blog is a means to share my perspective on how my faith has shaped how I have emerged from the dark places that life has thrown at me.  Life will have thrown the same or similar distressing circumstances at others. I want to connect with you…the ‘others’ who have gone through…or are going through… difficult times. I hope that sharing how being a Christian has impacted my life experiences, in an honest and open way, will help you see that, whatever life throws at you, you can emerge stronger and more positive than before.
My prayer is that ‘Airing Wisdom’ will serve as a means to encourage all who visit here, whether you share my beliefs or not. You are very welcome.

I hope you enjoy your visit, that you will come back often and pass on anything that you find helpful to others.  ( I’d love you to share my posts, but would respectfully ask that you state Airing Wisdom as the source 🙂

As you browse, allow me to share with you the treasures I found stored in secret places; places where God shines His light; where I discovered the grace and favour of God; where I found strength in my time of need; and where I discovered who I truly am… a daughter of the King of Kings!






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